Fundamentals of Flexion
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Are you diligently doing your Pilates practice and not getting the results you want?

Does Pilates hurt something- your neck, your hips (or your head because it just doesn’t make sense)?

Has your doctor, massage therapist or physio recommended Pilates and you want to be sure you do what’s best for YOU and your modern body?

Are you a teacher who wants the best information and knowledge for your clients?

Join me for a 6 week exploration of your awesome modern body!
Why Pilates for Modern Bodies?
Our daily movement patterns affect our Pilates practice and our practice can improve our daily habits. As a modern human, you probably spend a lot of time sitting, using a computer and smartphone and hitting the gym or Pilates class but not a lot of time moving all your many amazing parts in ways that even out the effects of our current lifestyles.

We move (and don’t move!) in ways that weren’t the case when Joseph Pilates originally created his method. His work is amazing and offers many opportunities for building core strength, but not if the connective tissues that spread through your whole entire system restricts your movement.

Learning where your own personal “sticky” spots are, understanding how your body moves and what will help it move even better and knowing what YOUR brain and body need to thrive all make for an amazing movement practice that will serve you forever!

Pilates for Modern Bodies combines the traditional exercises with contemporary movement science. We know more now about fascia and how our connective tissue works. We understand how natural and sustainable movement supports the choreography of our Pilates practice.

I'm a strong believer in curiosity and exploration. We will look for the parts of your body that offer the greatest potential for change, and then make that change with compassion and self-care!
I am so excited to offer this guided course that unlocks the secrets to how your back body tension relates to your abs and how effectively you can do your core work.
What’s included?
  • 6 modules of movement and mobility practice
  • 4 modules of anatomy, simple clear explanations and assessment tools
  • Every-day movement moments that address specific areas of tension that limit your flexion
  • A one hour class you can use as often as you like
  • Effective strategies for before and after comparisons
  • Downloadable charts to track your progress
  • A Facebook group to connect, share your progress or your challenges and get answers to your questions as they come up
  • Regular access to me through email
You have the strength and the mobility right there in your body, just waiting to be found. Let’s find them together!
This course is NOT appropriate if you have a diastasis recti separation OR if you have osteoporosis. If your doctor or other health care provider has said that that flexion (forward bending) is contra-indicated, this course is not appropriate for you. It’s not that you can never flex, but I’m not comfortable suggesting you do an online course, entirely based on flexion, when I can’t see you! If you have questions or want clarification, please email me directly at